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The Journey To Take Back Earth Begins

This blog is to chronicle my creation of the dungeon crawler style board game Spaceship 47. I’ll blog my aims, my progress in creating the game, any insights that might be useful for other designers (I doubt that I will have anything unique to add though), any feedback, playtests etc.

I have finally decided to focus on creating a board game as my main hobby project. Spaceship 47 was originally going to be an RPG, but my good friend Symatt pointed out that it sounded more like a board game as the story was pre-determined. Since I am way more into board games now than RPGs, it seemed natural for me to create this as a dungeon crawler style board game.

I had intended to create a couple of simpler games so I could build up to the complexities of a larger board game like this. However, I have almost finished the first of those – Under the Table (a push-your-luck Dwarven drinking game) and have decided that creating any other simple games is just a way of putting this project off so I am moving on to Spaceship 47. Because if I don’t hurry up and finish this game, those pesky Draydun will wipe out humanity!

It would be great if anybody came on this journey with me, but I have no illusions about building and maintaining an audience.

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