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Stishak Lawyer

"May lightning strike you twice." - Old Stishak blessing

Overview: Melee focussed, tough (Tank/Defender)

The Stishak - also known as the Children of the Storm - were the first alien species that humans had contact with and relations between the two species are very strong. Despite their tough upbringing, the Stishak are a generous people. Any Stishak that was on or near Earth when the Draydun came would be chomping at the bit to help Earth defeat the intruders.

For the Stishak, the hostile planet they live on makes them tougher than most other alien species. No other alien species would hope to beat the Stishak in a fair one-on-one fight.

A space faring Lawyer has to be good at trial-by-combat as well as traditional trials. Your character is trained in using the Black Hole Blade and is at home administering both pain and paperwork.

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