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Chimpanzee Deadeye

"I fling my faeces in your general direction." - Chimpanzee insult

The damage dealer of the group. The ocular implant gives the Chimpanzee an even greater accuracy at long distances.

Android Engineer

!4b696c6c20616c6c207468652068756d616e73" - Secret robot motto

The drone the android commands can push, pull and generally annoy the hell out of enemies

Stishak Lawyer

"May lightning strike you twice." - Old Stishak blessing

Serving on Spaceship 47 as part of a military personnel exchange, the Stishak is the tank of the group, putting its body on the line for his crew mates.

Human Officer

"We will prevail. We will be free." - The last thing we heard from Earth before leaving.

The only Human in the away team, the Officer commands non-heroes known as Crimson-shirted Rookies and can organise the other team members to better deal with the threats they face.

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