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This blog is to document my progress in designing the Spaceship 47 board game. 

Spaceship 47 is a co-operative sci-fi dungeon crawler where players fly around the galaxy completing missions to recruit allies, obtain new technology and information about the galactic scourge known as the Draydun who are currently occupying Earth.

There are ten missions for the players to complete before the final mission where they see whether they can defeat the evil Draydunand liberate Earth.

As well as the over arcing story in trying to liberate Earth, each player will have a story for their individual character. Completing story goals to progress the character's story will increase the character's abilities, but sometimes these story goals will conflict with the mission goal...

The game is being designed to get right to the game, no fiddly line-of-sight rules, no need to flick through a rule book to look up corner case rules, just get to tactical decisions and resolutions as quickly as possible.

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