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Push-your-luck Dwarven Drinking themed game


Dwarven Beerfest is a push your luck dice and card game where each player is a Dwarf looking to drink everyone else under the table.

Each round the players place their orders and play sneaky tricks with Action cards before the drinking dice are rolled to see who has successfully quaffed and who has failed and become drunk, or worse unconscious!

Players keep their successfully quaffed drinks to score their reputation at the end of the night!

Published by Triple Ace Games after a successful Kickstarter.


Location template for D&D 5E


Perilous Places: The King's Mercy is a location template for 5E D&D with ALL PROFITS GOING TO THE ALZHEIMER'S SOCIETY.

"The story of the surrounding area and the madness that infected it is great, and Baalham does a great job of populating his prison with hazards and encounters that ooze theme."

"...let’s talk about the Despair Track... It’s also trivially easy to keep track of, which means it won’t get in the way of you running the rest of your game."

-Loot The Room Best of DMs Guild January 2017

" interesting supplement for Dungeons & Dragons that covers the running of a game within a long-abandoned prison." 

-Tabletop Gaming Magazine.

"There are a lot of little details here that help spark the imagination, and it's worth mining this supplement for ideas even if you decide not use anything presented here whole-cloth. In fact, I wasn't even considering an insane asylum adventure location before reading this, but I have to admit I am now!"

The Rambling Roleplayer Review

4E STUFF.png

Player options for D&D 4E


The Defenders of Midgard sourcebook for D&D is here, expanding the world of Midgard!

With 7 new themes including the Clockwork Mage, Corsair, Emissary, Midgard Elementalist, Pantheist Priest, Planewalker, and Siege Mage, there's lots of new builds and options that work especially well in the Midgard Campaign Setting.

The Defenders of Midgard also includes new Backgrounds, 2 new Schools of Magic (Clockwork Magic and Glyph Magic), and plenty of great new Midgard Gear, designed for easy adaptation to a homebrew campaign or any published setting.

For Midgard fans, there's even alternative Racial Powers for the Gearforged race originally presented in Kobold Quarterly #16.

4th Edition D&D players now have a toychest that offers more options and new powers suited to a Dark World of Deep Magic.

24 pages, full color throughout. 


New monsters for D&D 4E

Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition D&D

The Midgard Bestiary for D&D is here, with more than 150 monsters and foes drawn from Open Design's award-winning adventures and sourcebooks!

Between its covers lurk some of the greatest monsters that Open Design has unleashed on players over the last five years - ready to deploy in your D&D adventures. All are core fantasy creatures designed for easy adaptation to a homebrew campaign or another published setting.

You'll find lots of old favorites here along with brand-new monsters: foes and allies from the Free City of Zobeck, the empire of the ghouls, the courts of the shadow and river fey, the Old Margreve forest, and the Ironcrags.

4th Edition D&D players now have a toychest that includes the cave dragon, steam golem, ghost knight, imperial ghast, bonepowder ghoul, roachling, plus new demons, devils, and more, all fully illustrated and heavily playtested!

126 pages, with an introduction by 4th Edition designer Rob Heinsoo.

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