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Size Matters

As I am concentrating on my book, I haven’t really thought about this game this past week. Apart from thing.

At the moment, the map book that the game is played on is A3. Each page is A3 size. This is massive, but I thought I need it because of minis being 1 inch in diameter. If the pages were smaller, then I could shrink the map book and make the game more portable,

But I have realised that I don’t need minis – I could just use pawns instead. One colour for each character. It would make the game look uglier, but as this is never going to be picked up by any game manufacturer, then that doesn’t really matter. So I could reduce the size of the maps. In fact, I think with pawns being so much smaller, that I could reduce the maps down to a single sheet of A4 and then have the turn tracker, the goal of the mission etc. on the other page.

The only drawback is the opponents. If six colours are taken up by the players, then that doesn’t leave many colours left for the aliens while making the game colour blind friendly. If I made all of the aliens one colour then how do you remember which one had taken damage? This is something I need to ponder.

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