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Lacking Motivation

I've been making very little progress on Spaceship 47 for a few months now. Mainly it is because when I get a chance to do anything, I realise that as the game is so big that each iteration requires a lot of time to get done. I am not at the point where it is just changing a few numbers on a few cards or something relatively small, but each iteration is a complete overhaul of some aspect of the game. So when I sit down to do it, I just can't be bothered. I need to somehow find the motivation to get on with it. There are no imminent deadlines to force me to get on with it, no scheduled play tests, etc.

I then think to myself about getting on with one of my other projects, such as the novel I am writing. But with book writing, I find writing snatches here and there is no good, I need more continuous time to get into the rhythm of writing. So I am waiting for the weather to cool down and then I will take a week off of work to try and finish it off.

Then there is the 13th Age card game - it would be great to have a prototype for Dragonmeet in December, but the game is still too nebulous an idea for me to get on with. It would be great to team u-p with someone for that.

Finally there is the idea for an RPG I have but as I don't' have an RPG group then it would be impossible to play test it.

So I guess I go back to Spaceship 47. I just ned to find that spark of motivation again.

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