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It’s Been A While

Apart from the posts plugging Dwarven Beerfest, I have not blogged for quite a while. However, I forgot to turn off the automatic renewal  for this website –  I have it for another year – so I might as well use it.

What have I been up to? Well plugging Dwarven Beerfest has been occupying most of my time, but I have also signed up for a Writing Course at my local community centre. I am going to attempt to write a novel. It is about a young blind man who receives artificial eyes which consist of video camera, transmitter and a receiver in his brain. He attends a support group for people who have had the same procedure and messes around with the settings of his new eyes so he can see through the eyes of his support group members. While doing this, the person he is looking through commits a murder but he has no idea which person it is. He then tries to track down the killer.

The biggest problem with this story is that the explanation for it is quite long.  I don’t think it would fit on the book jacket! I am also not sure whether to make it set in a realistic near future or really lean into the sci-fi setting.

It is possible that the story will be set in the Spaceship 47 Universe. I don’t want to force it though just for the sake of it. I just want to write the best story I can, but if it can fit in, then that would be good.

Talking of Spaceship 47, what is happening with it? Well after I have finished my novel project, I will get back to it. I am still not sure what to do. It is a shame to just throw away some of the great ideas I’ve had, so I may resurrect the board game. We’ll see.

I’ll try and be a bit more frequent with updates from now on.

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