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Doing Nothing

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In my previous post I mentioned that I needed to do research. I have been doing this so actual progress on design and development has been slow.

One thing I thought of that I wanted to record for when I come back to design and development work is that the way the actions work at the moment is essentially an action programming games. I used this because I wanted a way of a round being resolved quickly. Rather than one player makes up their mind what they are going to do, then they do it, then the next player makes up their mind etc. all the decision is up front and then it is just a matter of resolving those actions. I think this is faster. One problem with action programming games is that you can get a situation where the action the person was going to take is no longer possible and more frequently that it is no longer desirable. I have wanted to add in some kind of group resource to further cement the co-operative nature of the game. Therefore I am going to introduce a rule that says a player can forgo their action to add to the group resource. What the pool is, how much it is replenished are questions I need to decide in the future. But I just wanted to get the idea down while it was in my head.

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