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Brief Update

 Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Dwarven Beerfest– my push-your-luck Dwarven Drinking Festival themed game published by Triple Ace Games sold out just after lunchtime on the second day of UK Games Expo! It seems to have been well received and I am extremely happy about it.

I had a post written out about how I wasn’t sure I was going to carry on with designing Spaceship 47, because despite the fact when I started designing this, I knew it would never be published, the fact I had been published with Dwarven Beerfest meant I felt like I had “been there, done that”. Which is not logical at all, but what the hell. Anyway, then I went to my weekly board game club last night for the first time in a couple of months and that reignited the fire in me. So yes, I will be carrying on with Spaceship 47! (and also another smaller game that has been rattling around in my head).

I am currently reading about how to write fiction, the basics of character arcs etc. so I can do the next thing I need to do for the game, which is to write the character arcs that the players will choose for their characters. This is going to take a few weeks of research and then writing, so I am afraid I will be a bit quiet until I have something to show from it.

There is a play testing day at the end of the month which I will be taking Spaceship 47 to, so I will report on that, but apart from that there won’t be much to say in the next few weeks.

The only update I have at the moment is that I was watching Deep Space 9 the other week (Empok Nor) and it made me realise that the Crimson Shirted Rookies should be a group resource and not under the sole control of the Corporal profession. Each of the three Crimson Shirted Rookies will have a small player board and any player can put one of their action tokens on the Crimson Shirted Rookie to activate it. This means there is no point in having the Corporal profession now, so that is another Profession cut!

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