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An End of Year Update

As it is Christmas I have had a lot of Annual Leave so I have had time to work through my to-do list. Writing a blog post is the next to-do, so let’s get to it!

I have a list of creative projects I want to complete before I die – basically a “creative bucket list”. This list is as follows:

  1. Creating a game

  2. Writing a Novel

  3. Creating a Tabletop RPG

  4. Creating a TV Series/film

With Dwarven Beerfest being commercially available I can tick off “Creating a game”. I am now attempting to write a Sci-fi novel. I have completed the second draft of the first Chapter which you can read here: Visions of Mars. I really want to come up with a better title than Visions of Mars, hopefully before I finish it, I will. Any suggestions welcome though!

After I have finished writing the book, I will decide which project to do next. The RPG would either be my version of 4th Edition D&D or a Spaceship 47 RPG. The TV series would be Spaceship 47 and the film might be something like my take on Rendezvous with Rama.

Any of these projects would take me years to complete. But I don’t mind that, whichever project it is would be my main hobby and really it would be the journey rather than the destination that would make it fun for me.

Other Recent Things

I deactivated my Twitter account. Ever since D&D 5E came out I have felt like I have drifted away from the community I was once a part of on Twitter. Board games are too numerous and varied for there to be much of a Twitter community, so I deactivated my account it as it wasn’t really bringing me much joy. Nobody seems to have noticed, so I obviously haven’t been missed 😀

I would love to delete my Facebook profile as well, but this would be impossible due to my family. So what I think I will do is minimise the number of friends I have on there to the bare minimum needed – just my family and old friends who I can’t communicate with any other way.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and an awesome 2020.

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