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What Next?

For what I will do next, I want another project that is big – taking a couple of years to finish. There are three things I’ve been thinking of doing:

My Version of D&D 4th Edition

My favourite Role playing game of all time – hell, my favourite game of all time – is the 4th Edition of D&D. However, as much as I am a fan boy of it, I know there are things that it could do better and over the years, my tastes have changed a bit.

However, 4th Edition D&D did a specific type of role playing game very well and I don’t know anybody locally that likes that sort of game, which means that I wouldn’t have any play testers for it. It’s also why I haven’t run any RPGs for nearly two years – my tastes don’t seem to match up with anyone else.

I would be able to play test whatever I came up with at conventions etc. but it would be so infrequent that it would take forever to finish it. While I don’t mind the project taking a long time to finish, I don’t want to be sitting around, drumming my fingers waiting for the next play test.

Make a Film

I’ve always wanted to direct a film. If I wasn’t so risk averse, it is possible that I may well have tried getting into the film business instead of studying Astrophysics at University.

I am currently looking at software tools to make a film. I am looking at speech synthesizers for the voice acting and software such as MovieStorm for the visuals.

The trouble with that is that it will look and sound rubbish. If people don’t like what I’ve produced, I want the reason to be because of my writing and direction not the software I have used.

Write a Novel

So it looks like I will write a novel. Will this be Spaceship 47? Maybe – I am not sure yet. I have enrolled in a short, cheap course locally which is aimed at helping you to write a novel. Once I have completed that, I will have a much clearer idea of what I will do, but I am pretty certain it will be writing a book.

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