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The End of Spaceship 47

When I started this project, I knew it would be quite an undertaking, combat mechanics, story, an AI system OR making it fun for the player running the monsters etc. But I really wanted to go from me taking a game from existing in my head to existing in real life. That is not to say published – I always knew that it would be a bit of a stretch that Spaceship 47 would ever be published, but I wanted to get it to a state where I was happy to play it over a long weekend with friends.

However, Dwarven Beerfest has scratched that itch. It wasn’t just me that took Dwarven Beerfest from not existing to being published – the awesome guys at Triple Ace Games put in a ton of work on it, but it has definitely scratched that itch for me.

Added to that, I don’t think Spaceship 47 is filling a niche in the massively overcrowded board game market. Dwarven Beerfest does, I think, as push-your-luck games seem to be out of fashion at the moment and a Dwarven Drinking Festival themed one seemed like a no-brainer to me. But Spaceship 47? There is nothing new about a minis-on-a-map-sci-fi-dungeon-crawler, so I just feel like I am doing something derivative. So I have decided that I will call it a day.

What will I do next? Well there’s always the obligatory novel to write; I’ve always wanted to make a film; I would love to do my version of 4th Edition D&D, and there may always be another game that pops into my head. But first of all, I really need to actually finish helping my friends with their projects. I promised Jay Draper months ago to read Hill Country and am only half way through it. I have proof read The Interregnum board game rule book, but they asked for more feedback which I have completely ignored. So first of all, I will put those wrongs right and then decide what to do next after that.

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