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State of Play

So I have finally exhausted all of the content I wanted to convert from the Spaceship 47 RPG to the Spaceship 47 board game. I have one more profession post which is scheduled for Monday which wasn’t in the RPG (it is inspired by the D&D 4th Edition Warlord) and then I will be writing entirely new content both for the game and for the blog. Obviously this takes more time than converting existing content so I will probably slow the rate of blog posts to one a week, although if inspiration strikes me I may do more than one post a week.


I had a lot of good feedback for the maps post (here: There’s a Map For That), and I am currently trying to find time to draw the map(s) for the first mission. This is taking way more time than I thought it would, but has been very useful as each iteration has presented a problem that I have had to solve. I think I am there now – just need to finish off the drawings. Well, I say drawings, but I bought a bunch of map tiles off of DriveThruRPG with some money my brother gave me for my birthday and I have been using those.

Play Test

I have bought 10 blank black d12s, and 10 blank red d12s. I am currently waiting for the white blank d12s to arrive. These will be the attack, defence and special dice that I mentioned in Attacks Revisited. Once I have all three sets of dice, I will be able to play test the game!

I am attending a play test day with some other Wessex based designers, so I am hoping to have a playable game ready by then. If not, then UK Games Expo is my next deadline as some friends of mine are interested in trying it out.


I have an idea rolling around in the back of my mind for something to elevate the game that bit further, going back to the RPG roots of the game, but at the moment I ma concentrating on getting a play test of the rules done to see what tweaks need to be made. The idea will be across multiple missions where as I am focusing on getting the first mission in a playable state. The game is definitely coming together in my head. I just need to play test to find all of the things that need fixing.

Thanks for reading!

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