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Species: Robot

“4b696c6c20616c6c207468652068756d616e73” – Secret robot motto

Advances in Robot technology have been hampered by the silicon wars of the 2020s, the “Killer android of Antwerp” incident and the android civil right marches of the 2050s. When you choose Robot as your character’s species, you can select one of three types – Android, Muscle Bot or Small Bot. Your choice of type of robot only affects which defence you get a bonus to.


Android – All of the setbacks in robot research mean that Androids are still stuck in the “uncanny valley” of looking almost human, but the differences make it glaringly obvious. Emotions have been programmed in as responses to specific triggers. They range in height and weight just as a Human does.

Muscle Bot – This is a humanoid robot that doesn’t try and look human. It is used for manual tasks and stands at 6’ 2” exactly and weighs 220 pounds.


Small bot – This small robot is a curiosity as it doesn’t look as though it would be effective at anything but its diminutive size means that people tend to underestimate what it can do. It has six legs which can double as arms. It stands at 3 foot exactly and weighs 110 pounds.

If you choose Robot as your character’s Species your character gains the following benefits:

  1. You have a good Burst of Strength

  2. When using equipment, ignore the tech-level requirement.

  3. You receive the following bonus to your defence scores depending on which type of Robot you chose:

  4. Android – +2 to Will

  5. Muscle Bot – +2 to Fortitude

  6. Small Bot – +2 to Reflex

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