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Before I get stuck into the design of the game, I need to do some more research. There are various Board Games and RPGs that I’ve decided I need to get through before getting too far into the designing of the game. These are as follows:

I need to play through the following

  1. Gloomhaven – Most highly rated dungeon crawler

  2. Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – A game that breaks story up into scenarios to be completed. with enemies you have to defeat

  3. Pandemic Legacy – A game where the story revolves around you

I need to read the following

  1. Alien RPG – How to create a horror atmosphere

  2. Starfinder RPG – Sci-fi game

  3. Band of Blades RPG – An RPG that is set up to tell a contained story.

If there are any other games I need to play to help me design this game that takes players through the story of them flying around the galaxy trying to find allies, tech and info so they can come back to Earth and rescue it from the clutches of aliens then please let me know!

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