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Profession: Scout

Scouts combine high mobility with visual acuity. The main aim of any mission for a Scout is to get into and out of a situation as quickly as possible. Normally they are there to survey a scene, gaining vital information such as the weaknesses in an enemy’s defence. Although they have been known to be used as assassins or plant explosives

Due to the need for speed, only the quickest of their species are selected to be Scouts. The military actively seeks out speedy teenagers to recruit into the Scout program and some parents push their children into it.

Cadets undergo intense training to heighten their awareness of danger in any situation. Training includes: dumping them onto uninhabited planets, stranding them on alien space stations and abandoning them nude in a foreign city.

Chimpanzees are most commonly found to be Scouts due to their speed and Androids as their eyesight tends to be slightly better than other Species. Humans and Stishaks can make fine Scouts but are less common.

Choose Scout as the profession of your character if you want to play a highly mobile character that can help allies by spotting enemies and their weaknesses in combat.

Things to consider if you choose Scout as your character’s profession:

  1. At what age were you selected to become a Scout? Were your parents horrified / proud / supportive?

  2. Do you work for a company, or are you still in the military?

If you choose Scout as your character’s profession you gain the following benefits:

  1. Your Physique attribute score is 1

  2. Your Vision attribute score is 3

  3. Your Intelligence attribute score is 2

  4. Your speed is 6 hexes

  5. 2 times per mission, you can use the Spot The Weakness power:

Select a target and make a Vision vs. Stealth check
Success: The target is Vulnerable All to the next attack made against it
Critical: The target is Vulnerable All to the next 3 attacks made 
against it
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