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Profession: Engineer

An Engineer’s life is spent covered in grease, tinkering with engines, robots or other contraptions. Improving, fixing or deducting how things work. Normally employed on spaceships to look after the engines, the engineer might also be responsible for maintaining any Androids and other complex equipment.

In the military, Engineers are expected to join in combat by commanding a small fleet of Drone Traps – small autonomous robots that try and blend in with their surroundings before unleashing whatever terrible attack they are programmed with.

Humans and Chimpanzees are most likely to be Engineers. While Stishaks do have people whose job it is to maintain engines, most of their species don’t believe in using robots to fight for them. Due to some of the recent history of Androids, a ban on combat bots being commanded by Androids was passed, therefore Androids aren’t normally Engineers. However, the Draydun attack calls for desperate measures so ignoring the ban is entirely possible.

Things to consider if you choose Engineer as your character’s profession:

  1. What sparked your interest in technology? Did you have the access to all the latest technology growing up or were you fascinated from afar?

Choose Engineer as your character’s profession if you want to play somebody who can help their allies by keeping their equipment working and use combat bots to fight for them.

If you choose Engineer as your character’s profession you gain the following benefits:

  1. Your Physique attribute score is 1

  2. Your Vision attribute is 2

  3. Your Intelligence attribute score is 3

  4. Drone Traps – You possess 3 Drone Traps. As a Move Action, you may place one of your Drone Trap tokens on any unoccupied hex that has Line of Sight to you or another Drone Trap. When a creature enters a hex with a Drone Token on it, they make a Vision v Stealth check. If they fail they suffer the amount of damage noted on the Drone Trap token and the Drone Trap token is removed from the game for this mission.

The Drone Trap tokens are as follows:

  1. Token 1) 3 Stealth; 4 Damage

  2. Token 2) 2 Stealth; 3 Damage

  3. Token 3) 3 Stealth; 2 Damage to each creature in Burst 1

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