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Profession: Deadeye

Deadeyes are so-called because they are expert marksmen and that one of their eyes has been enhanced in some form. These enhancements range from drugs that temporarily improve alertness, gene splicing to boost the receptiveness of their retinas and – the most extreme option – replacing entire eyeballs with bionic implants.

It is common for any Species to be a Deadeye, due to the sheer number of them employed by the military. As Humans outnumber the other species they are more common than Chimpanzees, Robots or Stishaks. Stishaks serve in the Earth military but can also be found on Earth spaceships as secondees from the Stishak army.

Choose Deadeye as your character’s profession if you want to play a weapons expert, whose resilience in combat can be an example to others.

Things to consider if you choose Deadeye as your character’s profession:

  1. Did you accept the bionic eye or other vision enhancing technology? If so, how has that affected your day-to-day life?

  2. How do you get on with Deadeye’s from other armies?

If you choose Deadeye as your character’s profession you gain the following benefits:

  1. Your Vision attribute score is 3

  2. Your Physique attribute score is 2

  3. Your Intelligence attribute score is 1

  4. 2 times per mission you can forgo your Move action to use the Enhanced Shot power:

Move Action
Select a target and make a Vision versus Reflex attack
Success    For the next attack you make, replace one 
           black die with a white die
Critical   For the next 3 attacks you make, replace 
           one black dice with a white die
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