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Profession: Corporal

Corporals are in charge of a small squad of “Crimson Shirted Rookies”. These underlings are dispensable and are replaced whenever the Corporal goes back to Spaceship 47 (i.e. at the end of the mission). To go with the dispensable nature of the underlings you can have fun with naming them. Maybe you never give any of them names.  Maybe you give them all exactly the same name. Perhaps you only name them after they have died and give them a name related to the manner in which they died (Blaze for the woman who died when her vehicle crashed and went up in flames; Cliff for the guy who fell over a ridge etc.)

As each species is just as likely to be in an army, a Corporal is as likely to be any of the Species as any other.

Choose Corporal as your character’s profession if you want to play a natural leader who has a number of crimson shirted rookies who will shield you from harm.

Things to consider if you choose Corporal as your character’s profession:

  1. Do you inspire your rookies and allies with flowery stirring speeches, or by instilling the fear of death in them?

If you choose Corporal as your character’s profession you gain the following benefits:

  1. Your Physique attribute score is 3

  2. Your Vision attribute score is 2

  3. Your Intelligence attribute score is 1

  4. You are in charge of 3 Crimson Shirted Rookies (see below)

Crimson Shirted Rookies do not attack
Move Action
A Crimson Shirted Rookie (CSR) can move to any hex it 
has line of sight to. It can occupy the same hex as 
any of your allies.
If a creature that is in the same hex as a Crimson Shirted Rookie 
is hit by an attack, you may kill the Crimson Shirted Rookie and 
the creature suffers no damage. Remove the CSR from the board.
Crimson Shirted Rookies may attempt skill checks. Their attribute 
scores are:
Physique      2
Vision        2
Intelligence  1

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