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I’ve pretty much run out of things to blog about until I actually get the first play test completed. I am busy beavering away trying to get everything done. In the mean time here is the updated intro text to the board game itself.

“They came. They saw. They conquered us.

The bombardment was precise, completely leveling the capitals of several large countries, destroying food production and wiping out communications with ease. The blitz spirit –  so often associated with humans – was broken among the World leaders who knew when to cut their losses and sue for peace. The head of Earth government (a purely ceremonial role – until the arrival of the Drayduns changed that like it changed everything) knew the Draydun wouldn’t let us surrender and ordered our fleet of primitive space ships to mount a defence. The nations’ leaders attempted to overrule him.

In the chaos that followed, the 97 ships of the fleet that were left had to interpret their orders as best as they could. Most of them wanted to be heroes and take out as many Draydun ships as possible. Our captain realised if everyone dies a hero, then hope dies with them. The captain managed to co-ordinate the 5 ships closest to us to punch a hole in the Draydun defences for our ship to get through. We left a black hole bomb to explode as we passed through the wormhole. Our home planet, blue and white, pirouetting serenely in space, froze in time when the bomb exploded, disappearing from view as the wormhole closed behind us.

We had just left 5 billion people fending for themselves against the Drayduns. But we have a plan. Allies and superior technologies are out there, somewhere, waiting for us to find them and bring them home. To help us defeat the Draydun. To save Earth.”

— Marcus Fitzroy, Communications Officer of Spaceship 47, 11th March 2080

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