• paulbaalham

Dwarven Beerfest

A long time ago I mentioned I wasn’t blogging for a couple of weeks, because I was getting another game of mine ready for Dragonmeet. It was called Under the Table and is a push-your-luck with the theme of Dwarves in a beer drinking festival.

Well since then, it has been picked up by Triple Ace Games been renamed to DWARVEN BEERFEST and is being released at UK Games Expo. I am so excited about this. It was already a great game, but David Mortimer and Robin Elliott of Triple Ace Games have made it even better!

If you are going to UK Games Expo, you can play a demo at stand 1-102 and even buy it if you want.

Sorry for the divergence from Spaceship 47 related posts, but I am obviously very excited 🙂


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