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Decisions, Decisions

I have this domain until November, so I might as well use it. At the moment I am not focusing on Spaceship 47 at all. My main focus is the novel I am writing, which is tentatively titled Two Visions of Mars. As this is the fourth title of the book, I have no great hope this one will stick either. 🙂

Two Visions of Mars

The writing is going OK. I wrote about 13,000 words for the First Act. This is a little short if I want a 60,000 to 70,000 word novel. I think when I go back and read it, I will realise that I need to add more description to places and people. This was always a failing of mine when DMing D&D – I would not describe things sufficiently to paint a decent enough picture in people’s minds. I hope this is the case with the writing, as I don’t want to unnecessarily pad out things, but if the extra writing is required so people can actually understand what is going on then that would be great.

Spaceship 47 Board Game

I have had some thoughts about the Spaceship 47 board game. If I were to return to it, I would replace the custom d12s with custom d6s, just have 1 colour dice for players and 1 colour dice for their opponents. Instead of having a second colour for players to use to see if they get a critical hit/success, I would use the fact that if the player’s two highest dice were both higher than the opponent’s roll, then that is a critical success. Hopefully this would make things even leaner. Also, I think it will be one map per mission rather than the three I had planned before. The book of maps could still be used to show changes as the players go though the mission, but hopefully this would speed things up as well.

The Future

I am still focused on my novel and am hoping to get that finished by the end of the year. But what is next? I have several options:

  1. The Spaceship 47 Board Game

  2. Film – Spaceship 47

  3. Film – something else

  4. Spaceship 47 RPG

  5. My hack of 4E D&D

They all have big draw backs, so I really don’t know which one I would go for, but at least I don’t have to decide what to do until I have finished my novel 🙂

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