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An Unexpected Update


So I’ve been pretty quiet lately as work on the Spaceship 47 board game has paused as I am now writing a Sci-fi book. The writing course I went on has finished and I have written the Prologue and Chapter 1, which I am getting feedback from friends on before I get stuck into writing the rest of the book. I have decided that it will take place in the Spaceship 47 Universe, but it is a standalone story that takes place before the events that would form the basis of Spaceship 47. I am not sure anyone who had read the book and played the hypothetical board game would even notice that they are connected, to be honest. Talking of the board game…

Board Game

I had been mulling over Spaceship 47 the board game and realised that it didn’t need to be a minis on a map game. And in fact I could make it card driven. I then played Bloodborne the card game for the first time last week and that convinced me that it could work this way. So I am knocking up a prototype of the game as we speak! My aim is to show it to some friends at Dragonmeet. If it looks like it is a goer, I will post more details of it next week.

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