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A Quick Update

Just a quick update to cover a few topics briefly.

  1. I am aiming to post every Monday and Thursday.

  2. The reason I created this blog was so I would have to try and clarify my ideas for any potential readers. I wasn’t really bothered about the number of people reading it. However, I went a few days without any one visiting the site even though I released a new blog post. I think my writing suffered because of this as I rushed the next post and was less clear in my thoughts and explanations. I am going to try and make sure that I keep my level of writing up and maybe actually try and get a small audience reading the blog to “keep me honest”.

  3. I had a great discussion with my good friend Shane Leahy over the weekend about the assumptions I have been making for the game. I had always envisaged a player taking on the role of the aliens and obstacles, but there are games out there that don’t use one and have monster “AI”. I played Deep Madness recently which does this, there is currently an awesome looking Kickstarter for one here. I think I will try and switch to that type of game and so have all the people playing it on one team. This means that the players will be rolling for everything which means I will need to change stats and the dice system to account for this.

  4. Shane also questioned whether I wanted to use d12s with the standard 1 through 12 numbers on them. By using different dice with different values on, I can make things easy for players as their cards will tell them which dice to use and I can tweak the values of the dice to get the probabilities I want. I have already done this with Under the Table although that was d6s. I wonder whether I can find blank d12s somewhere.

  5. I am going to Dragonmeet on Saturday and will be play testing my Dwarven Drinking Festival themed Push-Your-luck game UNDER THE TABLE. If you are are at Dragonmeet, drop by between 10am and 12pm to say hi or join in a game. I will be wearing an @paulbaalham t-shirt and a nervous expression.

  6. Because of attending Dragonmeet and wanting to deal with any feedback I get from the play testing while it is still fresh in my mind, there will be no blog post next Monday. I will resume from next Thursday.

  7. The next post was going to talk about Species, but I am pushing that back and will be talking about equipment in the next post instead.

That’s it. Sorry for the short post.

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